Photography by Louis Oliver Roach

Photography by Louis Oliver Roach

PINCH POINTS, a 4 piece ‘smile-punk’ band based in Melbourne, AUS play clean, angular ‘guitarmonies’ and heavy biomechanical riffs while belting out group vocals at turbo punk speed. Their sound has been described by J. Edward Keyes of Bandcamp Daily as “a barbed-wire coil of sound that’s as loose and springy as it is dangerously serrated.”

Despite only having started gigging in May of 2018, members Isabella Orsini, Acacia Coates, Jordan Oakley and Adam Smith are like a well oiled machine. Roolette Records was ecstatic to release their debut EP ‘MECHANICAL INJURY’ on cassette in July 15, 2018, which ended up being included in Bandcamp's 'Best 100 releases of 2018'. On May 31st 2019, Roolette was again proud to release their highly anticipated follow up debut LP 'MOVING PARTS’ on vinyl, which finds the band exploring new sonic territory with thicker tones and heavier riffs while still maintaining their signature ‘smile-punk’ sound. 

Listen to PINCH POINTS’ lead single ‘Shibboleth’ here
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Photography by April Arabella

Photography by April Arabella

Surfbort, a NYC based atomic freak punk foursome are here to spread their own brand of ‘friendship music’ to all the outcast out there. Front-woman Dani Miller’s scream-singing vocals punch you in the gut with her abrasive and flippantly tongue-in-cheek lyrics, while the indestructible combination of David Head Jr (guitar), Alex Kilgore (guitar) and Sean Powell (drums) provides the classic punk backbone for your body to ricochet off.

On October 26th, 2018 in collaboration with Cult Records (founded & run by Julian Casablancas) Roolette Records co-released Surfbort’s debut album ‘Friendship Music’. The album is already a cult classic, getting praise from Debbie Harry (Blondie) and John Doe (X) listing it as one of the best punk albums of all time.

“The overall feeling of the record is being aware of how fucked up the world is and getting together with friends to support each other and fight the messed-up systems that are in place harming innocent people. The record is about romance with other freaks. The record is about screaming and dancing at the end
of the world. Its anti-white supremacy, anti-rapist,
anti-hate, anti-our-fucked-up-government. The record
will hopefully be a friend to the masses and make
people feel less alone”.

- Dani Miller (singer, Surfbort) for Hero-Mag.

Check out Surfbort’s track ‘Dope’ here
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Photography by Jackson Huntley

Photography by Jackson Huntley

Girl Germs, a 3 piece punk outfit based in Melbourne, AUS have been rapidly touring their self described ‘Pussy Punk’ around since their formation in July, 2018. Consisting of members Peta Treble, Kahlia Parker, & Layla-Rai Cambourne, the band has quickly established a strong influence within the punk scene in Melbourne and beyond.

Tearing up the patriarchy while tearing up the stage, the musical and lyrical punch they pack is here to stay with their debut EP ‘Boy’s Club’, released February 7th, 2019.

Listen to Girl Germs’ lead single ‘Sex Doll’ here & check out more via the links below:



Photography by Liam Brownlie

Photography by Liam Brownlie

culte, an indie-pop project, fronted by four-piece band leader Yura Iwama, combines the perfect mix of melody and melancholy set to a dreamy low-fi score.

Forging a dedicated fan base through out her musical career, originally under ‘Teen Culte’, Yura has carved out a place for herself within the Melbourne music scene as the undisputed queen of dream pop.

culte’s long awaited debut EP ‘Goodnight’, released March 1st, 2019, was described by Beat Magazine as being “reminiscent of the days one spends in their teens, lazily sitting around the house and listening to music.”.

Check out the video clip for ‘I Don’t Wanna’ here
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Photography by Chelsea King

Photography by Chelsea King

Bluey, a solo project fronted & founded by Lachie Gilmour of IV League, brings a wistful indie reflection to a dreamy pond of synth and guitars. Produced by Michael Vince Moin (Tram Cops) and mixed by Callum Barter (Courtney Barnett, Kurt Vile, Eddy Current Suppression Ring), their self-titled debut release is a 5 track Cassette Tape set to be launched on the 4th of October, 2019 with a live in-store performance at Polyester Records.

Listen to Bluey’s lead single ‘No Plans’ and keep up to date with what they’re up to here:



Photography by Club Med

Photography by Club Med

Club Med, a heartache powerpop band from Melbourne made up of members from prominent local bands LOOBS, El Tee, Lazertits, and Tiprats. We are thrilled to have be released their debut EP 'Busy, Busy, Busy' on cassette tape on the 20th of September, 2019.

The EP's title is a reference to the Kurt Vonnegut novel 'Cat's Cradle' where that phrase is used to describe 'how complex and unpredictable the machinery of life really is'.

In keeping with that theme, 'Busy, Busy, Busy' includes tales of human complexities and the heartache that surrounds them, including the complexities of relationships, introspection (and idealism), alcoholism, immigration (and more generally the perception of the 'other') and the loss of identity.

Check out the lead single ‘Fresh Start’ here, and follow the links below to see more from Club Med:



Photography by Mickey Manson

Photography by Mickey Manson

LVIV, a 5 piece band comprises of members of Culte, Pting, Spike Vincent and Eye Seaweed. Their debut EP was recorded with Adam Smith (Pinch Points) and mastered by Calum Newton (Candy, Amyl & The Sniffers).

Packed with political commentary, dual male/female vocals and a sense of urgency that is unique to their dynamic ‘Judy Punk’ sound.

Roolette Records was stoked to release LVIV’s self titled debut EP on cassette tape on the 11th of September, 2019.

Listen to lead single ‘Young Libs’ here & keep up with LVIV via the links below:



Photography by Ivy Rose

Photography by Ivy Rose

Disco Junk, a rag-tag trio of famously underage punks lead by boy-genius Billy Twyford based in Melbourne, Aus have the chops that can easily go head to head with the legends of punk. Live shows which have been known to include the band sacrificially destroying a papier-mache cow head and destroying their own cassette tapes are high octane to say the least.

It was a pleasure for Roolette Records to release the Deluxe Edition of ‘Younger, Louder and Snottier’ on May 4th, 2019. ‘YLS’ was the fourth album in just under a year from Disco Junk, with Billy writing and performing all the parts himself before members Griffen Attridge (Bass) and Ruben Riley (Drums) joined the band for the launch of the tape. With a full band, Disco Junk is going from strength to strength and are seriously one to look out for!

Listen to ‘Dog Bite Attorney’ here & stay up to date with Disco Junk via the links below:



Photography by Nick Tamiakis

Photography by Nick Tamiakis

Loveboner, a queer Melbourne punk twosome who play bouncy love songs full of heart, quick wit and catchy hooks. Their live performances are a full blown lovefest, as the natural chemistry between married couple Chris (Drums) and Laura (Guitar) is charming and infectious.

The debut album ‘Wet Sounds’, released April 12, 2019, is full of love songs that celebrate cute dates, will stimulate heart rates, and alienate your straight mates.
Loveboner is the type of band that will be sure to leave you panting and begging for more!

Checkout their song ‘Mates’ here
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Photography by Austin Phelps

Photography by Austin Phelps

YAASSS, a Brooklyn, NYC based five piece will captivate you with their signature brand of glitter covered falafel rock, set to the tune of dynamic guitars and howling vocals. With their glamorous outfits and true New York grit, YAASSS have made a name for themselves in the BK scene after having just released their 4 track EP ‘So Down To Go Down’ and almost destroying the launch venue, Alphaville, in the process.

In collaboration with Fetish Records (US), Roolette Records NYC released ‘So Down To Go Down’, on a 7” record, marking the first vinyl release for our US counterpart.

Listen to YAASSS’ track ‘Tragic Carpet Ride’ here
& get your falafel rock on by following the links below:



The Tropes @ Bush Music Festival  Photography by Ivy Rose

The Tropes @ Bush Music Festival
Photography by Ivy Rose

Bush Music Festival is an entirely volunteer run, not-for-profit, grassroots organisation which exhibits some of the best established and emerging artists of the so called 'Melbourne' punk scene and beyond, aiming to create spaces for diverse bands to perform in front of their biggest fans. They aspire to bring communities together around music and the arts so that Melbourne as a whole can benefit from the curious, compelling and important things that come out of diversity.

Roolette Records has had the opportunity to create compilation cassette tapes of artists playing the festival for the previous 2 years which includes inaugural camping event held February 23-25th, 2018 in Poowong East, Gippsland and the ‘Tote Takeover’ held on the 16th of March 2019 in Collingwood, Victoria. 

Check out the compilation playlist here
& for more info on Bush Music Festival, check out the links below:



Photography by Matt Walter

Photography by Matt Walter

Private Function, a 5 piece garage punk band from Melbourne, AUS. Their sound can be described as sticky carpet, cheap beer, cheap cigarettes and down-stroked power chords. Their live shows are high energy and out of control with frontman Chris Penny’s in-your-face classic punk hooks and the bands straight up pub rock anthems.

After forming in 2016 and garnering a cult in the following 12 months, Private Function released their debut EP ‘
Rock in Roll’ on Roolette Records on the 29th of November
2017. The EP soon become a classic, with song like ‘Duct Tape’
and ‘No Hat Not Play’ became a staple of every pub and punters
punk playlist.

Watch the video clip for the aforementioned ‘Duct Tape’ here
& check out more from these rambunctious punks via the links below:



Photography by Paul Jeffry

Photography by Paul Jeffry

Wasterr, a 3 piece punk band from Melbourne, AUS made up of Travis Constable, Acacia Coates & Mitchell Cassin, bring their lo-fi garage sound straight from the bedroom right onto the stage, producing explosively cute punk rock music. 

Wasterr's debut release on Roolette Records 'Tape A' can be heard in full below. The cassette tape is available in our store & the demo of Wasterr's 'Creature People' also features on RR004 Bush Music Festival Compilation Tape. Stay tuned for more from Wasterr! 

Follow Wasterr here:



Photography by Christine Petrowski

Photography by Christine Petrowski

CB Radio is the solo project of Roolette founder Carsten Bruhn. CB Radio was announced in 2018 as a means to release many years worth of stylistically diverse demos spanning from eighties synth wave to hardcore punk, sometimes even in the same song. CB Radio is also playing live shows around Melbourne in the format of a four piece rock outfit. 

CB Radio released ‘Growing Numbers 2’, a limited edition demonstration album on May 29th, 2019. 

Listen to CB Radio's song 'Pay Me’ here & check out more songs via the Bandcamp page linked below.